Our family has been running the San Cristoforo estate since it was founded in 1992. We make Franciacorta wines strictly with our own grapes only.
Ten hectares of vineyards, cultivated with great dedication in scrupulous compliance with the regulations for production of Franciacorta wine, almost entirely in Erbusco, right in the centre of the Franciacorta district.
We oversee all steps in winemaking with great dedication and professionalism, producing Franciacorta wines of great quality and outstanding personality.

Tradition, simplicity and passion are the values for which our family and our work stand out.



A strong character, perfect for a winemaker. Not afraid of working hard all day long in his vineyards or among his bottles. The centre of the family, he can go anywhere with Kàbul at his side.


Watches what happens in the company, and especially what Bruno does; states her point of view and clearly expresses the genuine spirit behind everything San Cristoforo does.


Despite her youth, Celeste is an important emerging figure in the family. Her taste and determination make her a key part of the company’s organisation, complementing the roles of Bruno and Claudia.


Kàbul is always alert and accompanies Bruno everywhere he goes. A bodyguard and faithful companion in his adventures, he adopts a sophisticated strategy: apparently cool and calm, he can suddenly turn terribly playful!