Heritage, tradition and quality. Wine cellar San Cristoforo in Franciacorta, Italy.

Family is everything. My FAMILY is my COMPANY and my COMPANY is my FAMILY.


TradizioneThe care, dedication and attentiveness

that we devote every day to the culture of wine making will let you discover our way of understanding Franciacorta.

Our sustainable practices, machinery innovation, the quality of our grapes will convey the whole heritage of San Cristoforo to our guests.

San Cristoforo

Sustainable and natural:

as a good wine should be.


The wine we produce in the largest quantity, made from grapes from a singlevintage, underlining and expressing thecompany’s philosophy.

San CristoforoMillesimato

A wine only made in the best years, composed of a single vintage and characterised by long ageing on the yeast to underline its aromatic, olfactory andgustatory qualities.

FranciacortaPas Dosé

A fine, elegant wine from 100% Chardonnay grapes. Made only in the bestvintages, with imposing structure, goodacidity and plenty of flavour.

FranciacortaND - Non Dosato

The latest wine to be added to our inventory is made solely from chardonnay grapes. Thissparkling Pas dosé wine perfectly representsour firm’s philosophy: a natural, pure wine without the addition of liqueur d’expedition.It is the best expression of the terroir, has ahighly complex aromatic profile and excellent structure.

Brut - non dosato


A wine with flavours and aromas recallingwild red berries, with citrusy hints ofgrapefruit. Vinified as a rosé wine, entirely from Pinot Noir, only 3300 bottles a year.


A special reserve named after the couple’sdaughter, Celeste, made in limitedquantities in the best years only.

With 72 months of ageing on the lees, it is aparticularly fine, complex Franciacorta.

Our way of telling you about Franciacorta

Franciacorta ExperienceSensory packages, tasting experiences.

Three itineraries to describe the essence of San Cristoforo.