La Famiglia è tutto.

The family

Family is everything.


Bruno and Claudia, my brave parents, founded the company San Cristoforo in 1992, driven by their strong PASSION for wine. “ CELESTE


Our PROPERTY consists of 10 hectares of vineyard and is divided between the elegance of Chardonnay and the strength of Pinot Noir for the production of Franciacorta wine.

We produce approximately 90,000 bottles of Franciacorta wine every year.

Exposure to the sun, microclimate, temperature range of the Lake Iseo, hilly location near the mountain Monte Orfano, morainic and calcareous soil: these are all factors that determine the QUALITY of the product and can be recognized in the glass.

San CristoforoOur Team

Giuseppe, Massimo, Cristian and Giacomo

are the co-workers and professionals who help us process the grapes into wine.

Together with Giacomo, we assess the development of the vineyards, with thanks also to the installation of a weather station. 


Massimo is an expert in the selection and assembly of our wine bases. He is a supporter of the low dosage of sugar, thus fully sharing our WINEMAKING philosophy. 

Giuseppe and Cristian, who love nature, land and the outdoors, help us every day to make our Franciacorta wine with their strong arms in the vineyard and great minds in the wine cellar. 

And finally, Kabul and Bencho, our family dogs, are always ready to welcome you and keep you company during your visit to the wine cellar.